Ogallala & Oshkosh Nebraska

Staying on the lake in Ogallala was a good rest stop and also for the renewal of the Arrows for the Cheyenne. I felt that we have reorganized ourselves and are ready to finish the journey. being so far from home reminds me of my first year of college in Ohio but this is different in many ways we have our callings for each of us being here and the BIGGER CAUSE is to carry the Prayer for the Cheyenne and Grandmother Margaret. This is the thought we all hold in out prayers and hearts and minds as we now press on north to Lame Deer. It was also near the separation of the Cheyenneleaders Dull Knife and Little Wolf as the continued their escape to Lame Deer. Out next stop will be FortRobinsonwhere Dull Knife made his was with the few Cheyennethat went with him and the on to Pine Ridge. The link below is the 2nd web series episode.



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Fort Reno!

Fort Reno!

Pizza hut tonight in Imperial Nebraska


Hello Nebraska!!!

Wow finally we made it out of Kansas Oberlin & Scott City many thanks for your generous hospitality and meat!! Lol riding about 20-25 miles a day has been great and learned how to ride bare back was too cool. Well that’s all for now i hope to add pics asap!!!

Scott City and Oberlin Pics

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Scott City Pics

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We are not in Kansas anymore

Thats so true now lol Nebraska is our home for a while!!! Mc Cook was a great stay with a long recap and focus of our journey so far. It’s been great getting to know Andy and Alex and just how they see this trip and how it means to their young lives. It’s just like having my brothers on with me (Eric Daniel and Garrett) Overall the feeling of the journey has been so fulfilling and rewarding and also in Oberlin Kansas we stayed at a private ranch and discovered that the Cheyenne had once camped on their land and now i have Cheyenne scraper tools to bring back to the school!!!!!!

Recap on trip so far….

Due to the limited internet on our trip it has been difficult to post as often as I like but as of right now we are in Oberlin Kansas and will be seeing the site of the last Indian Raid and give healing and blessing to the land. travel has shifted to more riding and less driving but never the less the navigation is going well even with te great offerings from Scott City. I hope to post more in-depth reflections of the ride when I can get internet again. Punished Women was a very Warm feeling but als a low one when you think of the lives lost on that day looking over the land it was easy to see just how hard the Cheyenne had to fight to escape to the north. Also it was the final days of Grandmother Margaret traveling with us.  This ment that our guiding light was now leaving and can we be united enough to keep going and the answer is yes!!We now have video episodes that recap out travels!!!!



Many thanks to the one who are still reading and posting!!!!!!

Punished Women-Just a few pics