Wow!!!!! So much has gone on!!! Well we are on our on the trip!!! We reached Fort Reno and had a  ceremony. Just that this where is started that Grandmother Margaret’s descendents were forced to endure extreme conditions and this is where the Northern Cheyenne had the courage to make their way home. Our first overnight stay was very tough we had to take shelter in the church we were had to stay to be safe from the tornadic activity in the storms this also occurred today but the Ranch we are staying is more of a hotel/ranch (Washita) and it is great!!! Today we will arrive at the Black Kettle Battle site. It was a great Honor that when a staff was presented to the Riders when we left Fort Reno Grandmother Margaret asked me to bring out the Staff!!!! I was truly speechless and stunned that she had the faith in me to take on this task. Right now our team has been getting used to the camera crews filming us and also trying to make all the accommodations for Grandmother Margaret. It truly is humbling that she takes the time to just sit and talk about to the riders and tells us stories and times of her travel of the world. All this and its only day 3!!!!!! Well that’s all for now thank you to all for still reading and posting!!!! Keep them coming!!!!


About zeusgarza7509

I am 21 years old a junior at Texas A&M University Kingsville. Taking on the Chief Navigator and Historian position on the Cheyenne Exodus ride that is hosted by Grandmothers Horses: The Ride Home. This will where my friends, family and fellow students can keep track of my trip.

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  1. Christal Gonzales says:

    Wow, its so great to read about what’s going on! 🙂 its sounds amazing! Keep up the good work! Be safe, smart, and strong! Courage in those times of uncertainty will get you through. Thinking of you…

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