Today will be a very hard day for all the members for this will be our first battle site. this event will be a sidetrack from our main trip for the Northern Cheyenne. the battle of Black Kettle was in 1868 were Chief Black Kettle was overtaken by troops and him and his wife were killed. The remembering of this historical even is very dear to Grandmother Margaret for, “As a modern Cheyenne I wish to honor all Cheyenne not just my tribe. Also as a World Council Member the Grandmother’s see this not just in America but all over the world Indigenous people face this rejection and turmoil even today.” Reflecting on this hearing these words from Grand mother Margaret I now see that this indeed not just an American event but natives have been pushed away from their lands and mistreated for years. So the overall feeling of today will me “remembering the bravery of Black Kettle was a Cheyenne Chief  Peacemaker.


About zeusgarza7509

I am 21 years old a junior at Texas A&M University Kingsville. Taking on the Chief Navigator and Historian position on the Cheyenne Exodus ride that is hosted by Grandmothers Horses: The Ride Home. This will where my friends, family and fellow students can keep track of my trip.

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  1. Shannon Baker Tuller says:

    Thanks for all of these great posts. It is exciting to read about how the trip is unfolding and reassuring to check in with you and know that you are safe.

  2. Roger Tuller says:

    Black Kettle was one of the great Cheyenne “Peace Chiefs,” and probably the most tragic. Not only did he die as you describe, at the hands of Custer’s 7th Cavalry in the so-called “Battle” of the Washita, but his village was the target of the Sand Creek Massacre four years (almost to the day) earlier. Workers constructing a road near the Washita battlefield found his remains in the 1930s and his bones were displayed for a time in the window of a local newspaper office.

  3. Christal Gonzales says:

    Wow, its really neat to hear about the history and what it means to them.

  4. Rose Trevathan says:

    So proud of u Jesus. Keep blogging ..
    What a great lesson in history for us all!

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