Not gonna lie its pretty different……I really just can’t seem to fall asleep but I hope too soon. Oh not too mention a cop asked me if I saw a man in a stripped shirt and a baseball bat and covered in blood!! Really!! Come on!! Its my first night!


About zeusgarza7509

I am 21 years old a junior at Texas A&M University Kingsville. Taking on the Chief Navigator and Historian position on the Cheyenne Exodus ride that is hosted by Grandmothers Horses: The Ride Home. This will where my friends, family and fellow students can keep track of my trip.

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  1. Eugene Garza says:

    wow were u guys staying at in the hood well try to get some sleep ok

  2. Shannon Baker Tuller says:

    Jesus, be sure to check the Caller Times online if you can. You made the front page of the print edition! Online, people are adding comments of support and encouragement (just click on “discuss”) It is the June 1 edition.

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